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Why else would you have to click the Start button in Windows to see the ''Turn off computer'' command? In the same vein, you turn on the Samsung and Kyocera phones by holding down -- that's right -- the End key. Call me a Grinch, but a separate power button, as on Motorola and Nokia models, does wonders for user-friendliness. How 'bout now? Hold on, I'm losing you. I'll call you back.

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In any case, no cellphone works everywhere although despite my jest, Consumer Reports ranks Verizon as No. Before you buy the phone, inquire about coverage where you live and commute. But most carriers say that a retractable antenna, as opposed to one hidden inside the phone, boosts your reception. If nothing else, pulling it out gives you the satisfaction of knowing you did all you could. In this roundup, only the Nokia , the Nokia and the Motorola e lack pull-out antennas.

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And that should be that. But on Nextel's Motorola i60c and i35s, you're not permitted to store a number until you choose a Type for it like Home or Office. On the Samsung R, you're not released from duty until you choose between two storage locations -- the phone or the memory card -- which is surely a baffling distinction to most owners. Every phone here displays your phone book with the touch of one key. But on the Kyocera, the 10 most frequently called numbers also appear at the top of the list. This gift of software frees you from the idiotic ritual of having to name your boss ''aaaYertle,'' your father ''aaMarvin K.

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Mooney,'' and so on, to make them appear at the top of the alphabetical list. Little icons let you know which calls were which -- but why should it matter? When you just want to call someone back, you shouldn't have to remember which party originated your last chat. And unless you walk around with your phone clipped to your belt, it probably spends some of its time socked away somewhere muffled. You won't have that problem with the great-sounding Nokia -- or the Nextel phones, whose loudest ring would be audible from Whoville.

On the Nokia , 2 and 5 sit on opposing ends of the same seesawing key -- ditto 8 and 0; 1 and 3; 4 and 6. This infuriating arrangement serves no purpose except to make dialing take longer. The keys on the Samsung A, meanwhile, are impossible to dial without looking; they're not only flush against each other, but their surfaces are also flush with each other, making it tedious to dial.

Otherwise, pick the feel you like for your keys: clicky Samsung R, Kyocera, Nextel phones or mushy Nokia and , Motorola e. The company's e model gives you a choice of two type sizes, but at the larger one, only two lines of type fit on the minuscule screen. Special honors go to the Kyocera for its superb and easy-to-follow on-screen displays, and to the Nokia , which has the only color screen in this contest.

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At least you'll have something pretty to look at while you try to dial on its goofy key layout. For example, when the Nokia rings, a bright, cool white light shines through the top, the keypad and the side panels, making the phone easy to find in a crowded gym bag. Microsoft Lumia For sell Microsoft Nokia Lumia Good condition, unlockes, comes with EU charger and converter.

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In-screen fingerprint sensor with biometric support. Nokia Lumia It is in good condition Please contact me at Thanks. Can still browse web and take photos. Charger included. Locked to Rogers. Mobile phone Nokia 7. Selling Nokia 7. Brand new in sealed box.

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Nokia cell phones. Nokia 5 for sell. Hardly used condition Comes with charger and earphones Android 9 Speakers not working.

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Nokia Windows Smartphone 41 mega pixel. VERY good condition. Used over a year.

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Brand new Nokia E5 cellphone. Selling a brand new in box never used Nokia E5 cellphone. Various Cell Phones with Rogers. All phones have chargers and work well. Nokia mobile phone Bell. I am selling a used Nokia mobile phone locked to the Bell network. No charger but it has a standard micro I think USB port. It charges and is working..