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All Rights Reserved. An IP address can give quite detailed location data and this can help you find good locations to expand your business, for example.

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Most companies have their own IP addresses. This means you can use reverse DNS lookup to see which companies visit your website. In case of a larger company, you can even see from which of their offices the connection was made from - just like with my IP address above. Reverse DNS is one of the ways email servers use to verify that the sending server is not a malicious spammer. When someone sends email from address john.

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  5. If you are running your own mail servers, you must have a PTR record set up for your server. Most web analytics software have reverse DNS built-in. Google Analytics, for example, shows this data under Audience - Technology - Network.

    Host Name or Domain Name

    If you are using some other analytics software, that probably has similar reports available somewhere too. Leadfeeder uses machine learning to filter ISPs and non-relevant hostnames out of your data. It also integrates to other marketing and sales tools for better data sharing.

    If you are currently only using web analytics to see statistical changes on your website try reverse DNS and see who really visits your website. It can help you focus on individuals and companies rather than masses. Discover how to identify, qualify and connect with leads generated from your analytics. Leadfeeder is a Google Analytics tool that shows you companies that visit your website.

    Leadfeeder generates new leads, offers insight on your customers and can help you increase your marketing ROI. If you liked this blog post, you'll probably love Leadfeeder, too.

    Sign up requires a Google Analytics account and you can see results right after the sign up. No matter how good your product is, if no one knows about it, no one will buy it. This post will help you get whatever your B2B company is selling in front of as many people as possible and the strategies are guaranteed to help you generate new B2B sales leads.

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    IP lookup: Top 8 ways to perform an IP address lookup

    Now that you're here Leadfeeder is a Google Analytics tool that shows you companies that visit your website. Instead use this function to try to resolve a host. This won't throw any warnings, you just need to check the output. You'll get the same warnings with fopen and fsockopen. On another note, it can be a pain when iterating with while loops for example that on failure gethostbyname returns the hostname, rather than FALSE. Usig the dot at the end of the host to not perform domain searches.

    Always add the root. I also find this function a litle bit limited because it doesn't tell you if the resolve failed. If somebody notices a speed-up after the second lookup of the same domain - that's most likely your dns-cache itself, not some php-internal dns-cache. This is the best method I've come up with to resolve any host-name to ip-address, it's quick and reliable and has support for timeout!

    It works only with unix though. Just a heads up. I was using this function on my site to verify email host addresses. I thought all was good, until a potential client contacted me and said they couldn't sign up correctly. They have a valid email address and domain, but this function failed. Good luck. The dns entries get cached, whether they exist or not.