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And everything one day will pretty much have a chip in it at some point.

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Cell phone functionality will include certain aspects that are enabled by implants. Cell phones have already become cameras and music players and web browsers. They will evolve to fully featured entertainment and computing devices and be able to facilitate all financial and legal transactions. People will design their own phones, picking the size, weight, battery life, materials, screen: Built to order.

Future phones: what's in store for us?

Bluetooth devices will be made by Oakley, others and be invisible to the naked eye, as all voice is transmitted through other accessories, like glasses, earrings, baseball caps. Smaller more compact devices will definitely be part of cellphone evolution. The earpiece ring is worn on the thumb, the mic on the pinky. We will have moved from a phone-based network to an account based network in which I can access all of my communications data from the cloud—from any phone or device that is convenient.

The tight coupling of my information to specific piece of hardware will be eliminated, just like email has nothing to do with my PC anymore. This is not just the future for those of us in developed markets with access to corporate IT support and MobileMe.

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This is the future for the masses. Services will allow someone to access their contacts, messaging and credit from any device, whether the phone belongs to their uncle or is a community phone.

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Hearing Aids and Cell Phones

Brush your teeth? Feed your dog? Take a shower? How about check your phone?

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