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Schedule FC. Schedule H. Schedule I. Schedule MT. This is a database of municipal boundary adjustments via annexation, boundary agreement, detachment, consolidation, and incorporation.

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Recently expanded to include other municipal information. Plus links to University of Wisconsin directories.

Statements of Economic Interests "State officials and candidates file Statements of Economic Interests for public inspection at the time they enter the public arena and continue to update them annually. Members and employees of the State of Wisconsin Investment Board must file quarterly reports of economic transactions with the Ethics Commission.

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A statement identifies a filer's, and his or her immediate family's, employers, investments, real estate, commercial clients, and creditors. The purpose of the statement is to disclose the official's or candidate's financial relationships.

Approximately 2, state public officials and candidates for state office file statements of economic interests on an annual basis. With the CFIS Website you can view registration, receipt and disbursement information for state candidates and other registered campaign committees. State candidates and other registered campaign committees should register and report campaign finance information using this web site. Claims may involve issues such as automobile damage, contract disputes, property loss, personal injury and taxes. The Board also accepts requests for the replacement of stale-dated state checks see Stale Check Claims section.

Database is keyword searchable. Lands purchases include property for state forests or parks, for miscellaneous wildlife areas, and for land with buildings. Additional information about state surplus property is available here. Includes contact information, law school and date of graduation, languages spoken, date of admission to the bar and current status.

WHile not a formal state agency, a state bar association is usually quite closely associated with a state's judiciary. The Compendium contains Supreme Court decisions, consent public reprimands, and summaries of consent private reprimands of Wisconsin attorneys, along with an index and search function to facilitate research. Includes Published and Unpublished Cases from Wis. Recent briefs are available at the Wisconsin State Law Library. Searchable by party, business, case number, and birth date. Wisconsin Court of Appeals opinions - present. Wisconsin Legislative Districts A web map service for identifying the names and contact information for the Assembly representative or senator where you live.

Wisconsin Legislative Documents This site allows a combined search of all current Wisconsin statutes and administrative code, as well as Legislative bulletins, acts, bills, and more, from the current legislative session. This resource also includes the Wisconsin constitution, executive orders, and Opinions of the Attorney General. The entire database is keyword searchable, or you may click into each sub-collection to search or browse content. Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau Digital Collections A digital collection of publications and reports by the legislature and the legislative service agencies.

It also includes a collection of reports by state agencies mandated by the Wisconsin Statutes.


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The collections are searchable by statute, agency, subject, date and more. The decisions are searchable by year or browsable by title. This site is hosted by the State Bar Association of Wisconsin. Licensing Credential Search Menu Allows consumers to search for individuals and businesses that are credentialed.

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You can search by name, credential type, credential id or by zip code. These lists certify who has been granted a permit from the state. They may or may not signify a particular level of training or success in passing an examination. The Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center actively maintains this resource which includes the history, physical condition, and location of each memorial. Search options include dropdown menus or a clickable map.

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Users can search by date, location, distance, and type of event. Lists community festivals, fairs, sporting events and art shows throughout the state. Here they offer their collection of maps, GIS data, and data sets. Most are available as free downloads. Wisconsin Travel Info Real time updates of local traffic conditions statewide. This web site also has options for customizing the site to remember your travel routes and options for getting the information via mobile devices. Empty Subjects - Can you help?