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You should be aware that simply adding someone to a property deed can have very different results depending on the exact words used in the new deed.

Generally, changing the person or people named on a real estate deed changes the ownership of the property. Rather, a new deed is prepared and recorded to show the desired ownership.

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This is true when buying or selling property and also when giving away or sharing ownership of property. There are several ways to give others certain rights to your property, and the exact words you use in the deed can have significant results. There are several types of deeds and it is important to be very careful about the type and wording of the deed.

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If possible, it is important to get help from an experienced lawyer. Change of name : Even if you are the sole owner of property and have simply changed your name, if you wish to have the deed reflect your new name, you must make and record a new deed, conveying the property from your old name to your new name. Parks and Recreation Tourism. Jump to subpage The bill is due in July, and is payable during the month of July, August or September without interest.


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Interest and penalties are calculated on the net amount of the bill after any credit is applied. If a discount is offered by the County or municipality, the discount will be reflected in the payment schedule shown on the front of the bill. Semi-Annual tax bills are mailed in July of each year to those that qualify for semi-annual payment. In order to qualify for semi-annual payment the property must be owner occupied property used as the property owner's principal place of residence see Homestead Credit.

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In addition, some commercial properties qualify for semi-annual payment. The first installment is due in July, and is payable during the month of July, August or September without interest. Please note that there are two 2 coupons with this bill: the first middle coupon is the total annual amount and the second bottom coupon is semi-annual amount. You may choose to pay your bill in full by paying the annual amount or you may choose to pay only the 1st semi-annual payment.

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Please be sure to send the appropriate coupon with your payment. Payments may be made by cash, check, money order or certain credit cards. If you do not receive a bill, please contact our office immediately or you may view your tax bill via our on-line website. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve you of your tax liability.

To view or pay your real property tax bill online. You may pay your total tax bill at any time; applicable interest, penalties or discount if offered will be calculated according to payment date. Effective on or after May 1st of each year, taxes must be paid by cash, cashier's check, certified check, money order or certain credit cards.

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Properties are subject to sale for delinquent taxes if they remain unpaid at the time of the annual tax sale held in June each year. In order to mail payments, please make checks payable and mail to Cecil County, Chesapeake Blvd. Payment may be made at the Cecil County Finance Office or via the internet click here.

The law requires us to send tax bills directly to the property owner. If your property taxes are put in escrow by your mortgage company, please be sure your mortgage company receives a copy of the bill. Copies of the bills are available to the mortgage companies electronically. A property Tax Credit Program is available to residential homeowners who meet certain requirements.