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Were you arrested in Cherry Hill and charged with theft, shoplifting, receipt of stolen property or resisting arrest? Were you stopped by store security and forced to sign a document admitting that you attempted to shoplift and agree not to return? Did you receive a letter from an attorney… Read More.

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Before January 1, , every defendant charged with a criminal offense was eligible—pursuant to the state constitution and the New Jersey Rules of Court—to request cash bail. A… Read More. In New Jersey, a person can file for a restraining order against you if you have allegedly committed an act of domestic violence against them. The New Jersey Prevention of Domestic Violence Act set forth offenses that constitute acts of domestic violence, including harassment.

Among domestic violence offenses,… Read More.

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In , the New Jersey Legislature called for a special commission to revise its criminal code. Indeed, the Criminal Law Revision Commission was aware of a crisis with regard to respect for law. Furthermore, the Code intended to establish a rational statutory framework.

The culpability provisions of the MPC are substantially similar to the Code. A person acts purposely with respect to the nature of his conduct or a result thereof if it is his conscious object to engage in conduct of that nature or to cause such a result. Additionally, a person acts purposely with respect to attendant circumstances if he is aware of the existence of such circumstances or he believes or hopes that they exist.

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Because the simple assault statutes are more vague, there is more room to work with in order to get your case dismissed. For example, in Harris v. Cabana, there was a heated confrontation between two politicians at a campaign event hosted in the Marriott Hotel reception room.

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In the middle of the dancefloor, in view of many attendees, Mr. Cabana confronted Ms. Harris about a campaign flier she created that featured Mr.

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While waving the flier in her face, Mr. Even though Ms.

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Cabana did experience some physical pain, the public opinion that Mr. Cabana did not intent to strike Ms. Harris, and that he mistakenly struck her while making hand gestures, was determined to be the better judge of content. Simple Assault cases frequently are interrelated with the consumption of alcohol. So, what happens if you get very drunk one night and get into a fight outside of a bar and consequently get charged with Simple Assault?