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Search reviews. Apply Filters. December 13, However, research also shows that Yellow Pages Online gaining 5 billion searches a year pales in comparison to the 6 billion searches average a day on Google. The search trends also indicate that users of Yellow Pages Online continue to decline. A business would do well to ask how much value is ranking first on the Yellow Pages online when there are lesser people accessing the listing.

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It also appears that staying on Yellow Pages may be only beneficial for certain types of businesses found locally in a neighbourhood. The common denominator to these ten is, the demand for local services. A non-service industry business may not fare as well on Yellow Pages.

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If your business does not have a neighbourhood identity, you will do well to explore online advertising service on Google AdWords which brings traffic to your website. Times are changing as we utilise mobile devices more and more. And so are our views on Advertising - have a look at this Yellow Pages Ad from back in the 80's.

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Higher-cost packages place the listing even higher with a few more perks. This is equivalent to the cost of clicks on Google AdWords.